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Tips to Develop Your Website
Trends in Real World Business Sales
Social Media Industry Report
Organic vs Paid Traffic
How To Build Your Website
Google's DisAvow Tool
Google's Declining Spam Tolerance
Google's FUD
Blogging Basics
Backlinks Google Doesn't Like
13 Serious Website Threats
Cashless Marketers
ClickBank Super User
107 Killer Traffic Sources
Create Profitable Classifieds
Profitable Niche Domination
Writing Web Copy That Sells
How to Recover from a hacked site
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JS and PHP tools
Free Viral Website Traffic Generator
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Drop Shipment (ebay)
Best Free Local Directories
Making Money From Crap Advert
Blogging Gold - MRR
Guerilla Marketing Manifesto
Magic Copywriting
80 - 20 Magic - MRR
Amazon Income Guide - MRR
Break Thru SalesSolutions - MRR
Communication Commando - MRR
PHP - MySQL Training - MRR
Perfect Prosperity - MRR
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What does MRR mean?


MRR is a term implying the rights you have to a product. Typically when you buy a piece of software it includes privarte use rights, and if you were to say give a copy to your spouse, you would be violating copyright and IP laws. MRR or Master Resale Rights allows you to use a product, sell it to other people, or even give it away as a premium to get subscribers.

Some MRR products include sales pages, graphics, email text, and more. Which means that you could setup a subdomain on your hosting account and start selling them. Some products you can even rebrand them, and sell them as if you created them.Just be sure to read what rights you have with each product as they are different.


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