Article Marketing is Free Advertising

Article Marketing is Free Advertising is our flagship product. Article Marketing is the one SEO tactic that the Search Engines truly love. It is a totally 'White Hat' SEO tactic.

Done right and you get your website to rank properly.

Done wrong and you have wasted your time!

There is so much mis-information about this subject on the web and most of it is simply wrong. If you want to build your websites' authority, and page rank which will translate into visitors and sales then this Article Marketing is Free Advertising book is the one you need.

We know we have read the others and watched their videos, most of them get it totally wrong. The ones that get it partially correct leave too many things not covered or just simply leave important points out!

Article Marketing is Free Advertising covers everything that you need to do to have your article marketing efforts pay off properly like;


  • What is it? Why do it? When do it? What is in it for each party involved?
  • What type of articles should be written? How often should you submit articles?
  • How do you submit articles?
  • Article leveraging, what is it?
  • How to Choose the Best directories?
  • Syndication and lots more.


It includes a Word document listing of article directories to use and the ones to avoid. It includes a text document template so that you can place your article submission in the proper places and not forget any of the important items.


Price: $24.95

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