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Is Google’s dominance eroding? | SEO Tools & Techniques for those on a Budget
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Is Google’s dominance eroding?

With the following tidbits of information coming out over the past week, I have started questioning are we seeing the end of Google’s dominance in many areas? And if so, what are the contributing factors?

Google demands that website owners, especially ecommerce have in place a way for their customers or visitors to be able to contact them. However, Google’s refusal to obey its own demands placed on website owners including openness, honesty and integrity appear to be the main culprit.

Read the following the tidbits from this week past and see if you agree:

A bug in Google’s URL removal tool might remove your whole site

“It appears as if the url removal tool is ignoring url parameters. I have a client who was hacked, and the serps are filled with spam. They asked for my help in cleaning out the serps.

I was adding the urls to the url removal tool, when I got to one and I noticed that it suddenly thought I was wanting to remove the entire site.”

link for more reading: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/webmasters/y-7jGgXvQuQ/discussion

French court orders Google to display fine for privacy breach

Google will have to display on its French search page a notice saying it has been fined by the local data-protection watchdog over how user information is tracked and stored, France’s top administrative court ruled on Friday.

The move towards broad storage was introduced by Google in March 2012 and combined 60 privacy policies into one, giving users no means to opt out.

link for more reading: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/07/us-google-privacy-france-idUSBREA161BS20140207

Google, EU antitrust settlement

Judging from screenshots the EU has released, it will give Google rivals unprecedented positioning in Google’s results, sometimes for free, sometimes for a fee.

Consider how the EU is saying that shopping results will appear, as part of the agreement

link for more reading: http://searchengineland.com/google-eu-antitrust-183554

Baidu moving into FREE software

Baidu, the Chinese search engine giant  is starting to develop products they give away to help people maintain their PCs, remove viruses, and they even have a web browser available. These are not imitations, but are high quality tools that rival many paid products.

Baidu PC Faster: is a not so short list of features and tools to streamline, manage and optimize your PC.

Read a review here: http://dottech.org/141556/windows-review-baidu-pc-faster-program/
Download it here: http://www.pcfaster.com/en/

Baidu Antivirus: Baidu Antivirus is 100% free, forever! You can be sure that there are no hidden fees or activation codes, no restricted functions and no limit to the number of PCs you can install it on.

Read more and download here: http://antivirus.baidu.com/en/

Baidu Spark Browser:

Read more and download here: http://en.browser.baidu.com/

In a previous article about Baidu, it was questioned if Baidu has plans on taking Google on in their home market. What do you think?