How About Free Open Source Alternative to Office 365

While many people including website owners have jumped on the Office 365 platform it is an expense. If you would like to find an alternative to it or Google Docs, here just may be what you have been hoping for.

The folks at Teamlab, are distrubting, Teamlab Server Community  – a cloud office for small and medium business, and it is a free open source edition distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License.

It is aimed at open source community members, it provides a great Office365TM alternative distributed at no charge.

Teamlab open source version includes all the sufficient toolset used by teams working on a project online:

CRM System
Project Management
Document Management
Business Collaboration
Mail Aggregator
Instant Messenger

You can read more about Teamlab Server Community HERE and it can be downloaded at Sourceforge.

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