Has Your Website Been Hit By Negative SEO

As if website owners did not have enough work to do trying to attract visitors to their sites, build their reputation, and avoid search engine penalties, now along comes “Negative SEO” to the forefront. Until recently, negative SEO stayed out of the spotlight, lurking on the darker, more subversive areas of the net.

We are not suggesting anyone do this, but you should be aware that it exists and that some ‘Black Hat SEO’ practitioners are doing it.

You might wonder, what is ‘Negative SEO’ and how is it practiced?

Common negative SEO practices currently all revolve around one of the main factors in determining a site/pages ranking ability, namely external links. This is because external links are the one area of an SEO campaign that cannot be controlled explicitly by the brand/agency; therefore manipulation by third parties is always a risk.

It can sometimes get a bit murky in the digital marketing world, with slander, extortion and search engine penalties which are all potential weapons for practitioners of negative SEO. Some are suggesting that ‘Negative SEO’ is becoming less taboo and more of an accepted SEO practice.

Why Do This?

Keep in mind that some SEO people are trying to rank their or their customers site more quickly, and negative SEO allows them to in effect raise their site by lowering the value of competitors.

Also the cost of performing negative SEO has become more competitive and more widely available. This may be one of the reasons why we’re seeing more instances of this kind of digital warfare, especially with smaller brands in competitive niches.

How are Search Engines combatting this?

Well the honest answer is, they aren’t.

With no way of identifying the origin of negative links, search engines like Bing and  Google are unable to police effectively against these damaging SEO assaults.

If you want to read more about it, CLICK HERE.

Are there tools to remove these Negative SEO links?

Yes there are, but you really need to have someone experienced do this, as it is like the “Disavow” tool. When done wrong it can hurt lots more than help. SEO Profiler offers a link disinfection tool, but make sure you understand what you are doing.

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