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Latest Scam Comes From ICANN Approved China Registrar

The latest scam on the internet is coming direct to webmasters and site owners from an ICANN approved registrar located in China.

Poor grammar and typos can lead to lower web page rankings

Bing - Poor grammar and typos can lead to lower web page rankings

Most of us try to write really great posts or articles, but sometimes typos do happen. Also litlle things like bad grammar sneaks in sometimes when you are trying to make a point.

Has Your Website Been Hit By Negative SEO

As if website owners did not have enough work to do trying to attract visitors to their sites, build their reputation, and avoid search engine penalties, now along comes “Negative SEO” to the forefront. Until recently, negative SEO stayed out of the spotlight, lurking on the darker, more subversive areas of the net.

How About Free Open Source Alternative to Office 365

While many people including website owners have jumped on the Office 365 platform it is an expense. If you would like to find an alternative to it or Google Docs, here just may be what you have been hoping for.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cheap SEO

Many businesses,  both new and seasoned try to cut costs by hiring cheap SEO service providers. The big question is, “Do these SEO companies really offer search engine optimization and does it make sense to use these services?”

Let’s take a look at three popular cheap SEO services