Monthly Archives: February 2014

Playing With Fire!

We all know how important passwords are to protecting anything from your website to your bank account, but many people just don’t believe in using strong passwords and usernames. This is a mistake and if you are one of those people, you are “Playing With Fire”!

Is Google’s dominance eroding?

With the following tidbits of information coming out over the past week, I have started questioning are we seeing the end of Google’s dominance in many areas? And if so, what are the contributing factors?

Poorly Coded WordPress Plugins

Recently, there has been an epidemic of bots trying to hack sites. Of course they target WordPress and Joomla sites, since both of these are ‘open source’ or community developed platforms. Also what makes this tempting is hackers know that many people don’t keep their sites updated, and of course WordPress¬† releases the ‘bug fix’ or exploitable capabilities of past versions.