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Danger exists when buying a website or domain

There is a large danger that is associated with buying a website or domain and it is only being discussed openly in a very few forums and not at all in the media. The places it is being discussed most frequently is Black Hat forums! That danger is one of copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights infringement, and of course outright fraud. These frauds are being committed not only by unscrupulous individuals but some extremely well know companies.

Viral Boomerang LockDown – Honest Review

Everyone that produces or sells ebooks as they are called is plagued with the same problem. That problem of course is product theft.

If you have not heard of Viral Boomerang LockDown (VBL) yet, allow me to introduce it to you. But first let me say this is NOT an affiliate or paid reviewer biased product review. We purchased this product for our use.

Online shopping cart abandonment

Depending on the information source chosen, the time of year and the particular website, online shopping cart abandonment rates typically range from 60% to 80%.